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At Ritual Herb Bar & Naturopathic Clinic we specialise in providing safe and effective treatment for Eczema and Dermatitis by addressing the underlying causes using evidence-based natural medicine.

Conventional eczema treatments tend to rely on suppression of symptoms which tends to provide only temporary relief and can be very frustrating for sufferers who want long-lasting results and prefer to avoid using strong creams and medications.

Some treatment strategies may be similar between eczema patients, but every single patient is different and the factors that drive flare ups and relapses will vary. There’s no one size fits all approach and treatment is completely personalised for every patient. Therapeutic doses of supplements should only be given under the guidance and supervision of a qualified practitioner to get the most clinically effective results, safely.

We offer Free Naturopathic Assessment consultations if you’d like to discuss whether naturopathic treatment would be right for you or your child.

What Can You Expect from Your Appointment?

  • Personalised Assessment: We'll delve into your health goals, challenges and aspirations and assess if a naturopathic approach will be right for you.

  • Online Appts: it doesn't matter where you live, you can get the specialised help you need in person at our clinic or via video call and any prescribed supplements can be sent by Express Post to your home.

  • Empowerment: Leave the call equipped with inspiration and motivation to take next best step for your health.

What is Eczema

The terms, Eczema and Dermatitis are often used interchangeably and refer to an inflammatory skin condition. Eczema can vary in severity from small patches of red, itchy skin that will commonly develop on the face or behind the knees and creases of the elbows in small children, but can show up anywhere on the body. It can also become as extreme as broken, bleeding, weepy and very itchy skin covering many large areas of the body.

These symptoms can greatly affect quality of life, sleep, mood and even affect the whole family of an eczema sufferer both socially and emotionally in many ways. 

There can be a wide range of triggers for eczema flares. In Naturopathic treatment we want to go beyond identifying and removing any triggers to addressing the underlying dysfunction that's causing the flares to happen in the first place. This can include, but isn’t limited to, digestive issues, immune system dysfunction, nutrient insufficiency and damage to the skin barrier.

Once these underlying issues are addressed, the body can become less reactive and much less like likely to flare and the skin can be become stronger and able to heal more efficiently. This is why Naturopathy can be so effective for Eczema, we aren’t just masking symptoms, we’re treating the cause to get long-lasting results.

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