My name is Belinda and I'm qualified in Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine and the owner at Ritual Herb Bar and Naturopathic Clinic.
I opened Ritual Herb Bar and Naturopathic Clinic because I'm so passionate about helping others achieve true health and wellness and making naturopathic and nutritional medicine more accessible to everyone. I believe that when you give the body what it requires, it's innate ability to heal is extremely powerful.
I haven't always lived a healthy lifestyle, far from it. My own health journey and finally finding answers in natural medicine after years of failed treatments and specialist appointments, is a large part of what led me here.

I know that many of my clients have also had years of feeling unheard and that their health concerns haven't been taken seriously or haven't been dealt with effectively.


My hope is that Ritual Herb Bar will be a supportive space where you can get personalised advice from a qualified practitioner and finally  feel genuinely healthy and vibrant.

There's so much conflicting information out there and so many one size fits all approaches, that we've understandably lost our way. I believe there is no one nutrition philosophy, treatment or way of eating that suits everyone and the way we approach healing should be personalised as well. It's not about eating perfectly or following strict treatment plans, but finding a way of eating and healthy rituals that suit your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, your family situation, and implementing these changes slowly and sustainably for the long term without feeling deprived and overwhelmed. When you combine this with personalised nutritional and herbal medicine, the results can be nothing short of amazing.

Thank you so much for being here and I'd love to be part of your journey to health. Drop into the dispensary one Saturday for a chat, make an appointment, follow along on Instagram or join our mailing list to get our fortnightly emails with healthy recipes and lifestyle tips.