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This first aid kit contains 20 homeopathic remedies that will cover a wide range of acute health conditions that families will experience at home or while travelling.

Contained in a compact, durable leather case with a remedy reference guide.

20 homeopathic remedies in 4gm pillules including:

Aconite 30c

Allium cepa 30c

Arnica 30c

Apis 30c

Belladonna 30c

Cantharis 30c

Chamomilla 30c

Cocculus 30c

Coffea 30c

Ferr phos 30c

Gelsemium 30c

Hypericum 30c

Ipecac 30c

Ledum 30c

Merc sol 30c

Nux vomica 30c

Pulsatilla 30c

Rhus tox 6c

Ruta grav 30c


This kit is not intended to replace professional medical care. For more severe cases or when symptoms persist, please consult your chosen health practitioner.

Martin and Pleasance Homeopathic First Aid Kit

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