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Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine involves thorough case taking as well as using pathology and functional testing where appropriate, to get a good understanding of the the unique causes of your health concerns.

We then address those factors by utilising herbal and nutritional medicine, as well as dietary and lifestyle modifications, to not only get relief of symptoms, but also promote optimal health and prevention of further health problems in the future.





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About Belinda
My name is Belinda and I'm qualified in Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine and the owner of Ritual Herb Bar and Naturopathic Clinic.

I see a wide variety of conditions in my clinic but have a special interest in skin conditions, particularly eczema and dermatitis. By addressing the underlying causes and triggers of these types of inflammatory skin conditions, our body's innate ability to heal is extremely powerful and we can see some pretty amazing results.

More about Belinda

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