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Ritual Herb Bar and Naturopathic Clinic is a brand new Naturopathic Clinic and drop in Natural Medicine Dispensary located in Gaythorne, Brisbane.

We are open by appointment from Monday to Friday, and for 15 minute walk in consultations on Saturday's from 9am to 1pm. Our walk in consultations are completely free and there is always a qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist available to offer individualised herbal and nutritional prescriptions as well as lifestyle recommendations.

Walk in consultations are perfect for you if you have an acute condition you would like to address, like infections, colds, flu's, injuries and skin breakouts. In some cases they may also be of benefit for other health concerns like PMS, digestive complaints or sleep issues.

If your case is chronic or more complex and requires more detailed investigations, we may recommend that you would benefit from a full naturopathic consultation to get the best results. If you are unsure about what type of consultation would be best suited to your concerns, you can drop in on Saturday's between 9am and 1pm to have a chat about whether a full consultation may be more appropriate, or book your free 15 minute phone consultation if you can't make it in person. Any prescriptions made after and phone or zoom consultations can be sent via post and will usually arrive within 2 business days.

All of the products in our dispensary are high quality, practitioner only natural medicines and are prescribed specifically for you by a qualified practitioner to help address your health concerns safely and effectively. This includes:

Customs blended herbal extracts
Herbal supplements
Nutritional supplements
Mineral celloids
Therapeutic topical creams
As well as:
Naturopathically blended herbal teas
Handmade natural skincare
Proteins, bone broths etc.


Our focus is on finding the unique causes of your health concerns and addressing those factors using herbal and nutritional medicine, dietary changes and lifestyle modifications to stimulate your bodies innate ability to heal and repair. In doing so we can treat and prevent acute and chronic health conditions.

An initial consultation is 90 minutes long and is used to gather information about your health history, current concerns, family history, diet, lifestyle and review any past pathology.

In doing this we are able to develop a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and follow up appointments can be made at intervals if required, to track progress and develop ongoing treatment plans to continue to address symptoms and prevent further issues.



Ritual Herb Bar is a natural medicine dispensary that's designed to make natural healthcare more accessible without the need to necessarily book a full appointment. Similar to the way you would use a pharmacy but treatment options include natural medicines and  dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

These 15 minute acute consultations are free of charge and any recommendations are completely personalised to your unique requirements.

At this stage we are open for walk in consultations from 9am - 1pm on Saturday's or over the phone during the week.

If our naturopath feels that your health concerns are more complication and require further investigation to get the best results, they may also recommend a full consultation.

If you're not able to make it in to see us in person, you can also book a free acute consultation online and talk to us over the phone.


Belinda is qualified in Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine and the owner at Ritual Herb Bar and Naturopathic Clinic.

Read more about Belinda here.

We currently offer  one on one Naturopathic and Clinical Nutrition Services but we will be looking to offer more services in the future that will support other aspects of your healing journey and ongoing holistic health.


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