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Helping build thriving families through natural medicine and healthy lifestyle habits.

I work with families of young children with eczema to help heal the skin, reduce reactivity to food and environmental triggers and create resilient, healthy little bodies.
Our Ritual Herb Bar Organic range has been created to help you care for you and
your family's health in your own home.

About Me

My name is Belinda and I'm a Naturopath, Nutritionist and founder of Ritual Herb Bar and Naturopathic Clinic in Brisbane.

After experiencing my own skin issues in my later teens and early 20's, I was so frustrated with the process of seeing specialist after specialist and trying every cream and medication under the sun. Some would mask symptoms temporarily but ultimately, it would always come back and often worse than before.

I remember the stress of trying to work out what was causing it and not being able to pinpoint what triggered flare ups, being embarrassed and self-conscious about my skin and that's what has
made me so passionate about helping children improve their skin health as early in life as possible, so they don't have to go through this as they enter their early school years. I know how stressful that can be, for the whole family.

More about me

Customer Reviews


Belinda from Ritual Herb Bar is an expert in her field!

Her knowledge base is incredible and she applies it in such a practical way.

Not only does she provide individualised advice and treatment for specific concerns, she promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle that is attainable for the average person (insert yummy, healthy, fun recipes here). and the best part? She recognises we are all human & can’t change overnight.

I love the way she promotes one change at a time. In my mind, this makes her stand out from the crowd - challenging mindset and habit, without making you feel like you’ve lost before you’ve even begun!

Emma H.

Focus Loose Leaf Tea

I love this tea!

Elderberry Immune Tonic

"I was looking for something to help support my immune system during winter, and love that this product is made from dried herbs to maximise the potency.


It was super easy to make (and smells divine!) and tastes great so is easy to take daily.