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Ritual Herb Bars' Whole Body Tonic is a blend of five organic medicinal mushrooms that offer a wide range beneficial and powerful actions for the whole body. All you need 


Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in many cultures and are well recognised as being beneficial for a wide variety of health conditions and to enhance general well-being and vitality.


Few natural medicines can boast the diverse and powerful range of health benefits of medicinal mushrooms.



Reishi has traditionally been used to improve sleep, support healthy nervous system functions and stress response and support immune function.

Other benefits include it's anti-cancer properties, liver regeneration, neuroprotective properties and increased general wellbeing and longevity. 



Chaga is known to help calm the mind and is an adaptogen which means it supports your body to adapt to stress. It has been said that if Reishi was the Queen of mushrooms, then Chaga would be the King. It protects against oxidative damage and aging, boasts powerful immune enhancing benefits and helps to enhance vitality,



Traditionally Cordyceps has been used to treat the heart, liver kidneys and lungs and to support the body when there is a general feeling of weakness. Benefits can include enhanced libido and vitality, improved respiratory function, stronger immune system and improvements in fatigue and general weakness via improved oxygenation of the blood.



Maitake works in the body as an adaptogen and helps to promote balance throughout the body. Studies have shown the many metabolic benefits of Maitake like it's ability to balance cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as promoting fertility and immune function.



Shiitake mushrooms are known for their antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and have a wide variety of beneficial  actions on immunity, cardiovascular health, energy and brain function as well as being a good source of vitamin D and many other nutrients. Shiitake has a beautiful flavour that helps to balance out the stronger, bitter flavours of some of the other mushrooms and make this blend very versatile and pefect to use in so many different meals and drinks without being overpowering in any way.



Our products are 100% natural and contain no fillers or preservatives. To keep your mushrooms in good shape, store below 30°C and avoid moisture. They can even be stored in the fridge in more humid conditions.


Disclaimer: This product and the information on this website is not intended to treat any specific condition. Always speak to your practitioner before consuming natural medicines. Especially if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications or please book and appointment with our qualified naturopath for personalised advice.

Whole Body Tonic - Medicinal Mushroom Blend

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