The Solid Foundations Program is all about getting really good at the basics and setting you up for long term success and finally feeling good about your health and giving your body what it really needs to thrive. The entire program is designed and delivered by myself, qualified in both Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy.


It's not a meal plan or a diet and it's not about deprivation. It's a simple way to implement life long habits that will leave you feeling healthier and more energised.


The program includes:

  • 4 weekly changes, implemented one at a time, that address the basic foundations of your diet and lead to eating in a way that has the potential to change every aspect of your health and the way look at food forever. No more fads, diets, meal replacements or yo-yo dieting ever again!
  • Weekly bonus that covers additional dietary and lifestyle factors that can have a major impact on your health.
  • Recipe ebook with 30 delicious recipes designed specifically to be used within the program to make it simple for you to begin implementing the changes.
  • Access to a private facebook support group and a new monthly Live Q&A within the group, where you can submit questions in advance and watch the replay, or join live and be part of the discussion and have your questions answered in person. Your access to the facebook group continues after the 4 weeks is up. This is a lifestyle. Not something you do for 4 weeks and go back to your old habits!
  • All course content sent as PDF files via email, each week throughout the 4 weeks.


Whatever your lifestyle or dietary preferences, you'll be able to implement the changes in a way that suits you and still get the most out of the program. The included recipes are just a guide and while they've been tried and tested time and time again to make sure they're delicious, easy and family approved, you don't need to use these recipes if you don't want to. You can adjust them to suit your tastes or use your own and you would still benefit from the program in every way.


It's time to finally take back control of your health!

Solid Foundations 4 Week Online Program


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