The reference ranges used in pathology testing to determine whether you're in the 'healthy range' are based on the statistical average of all of the people that get blood tests from that lab in the past. Generally speaking, healthy people don't tend to get blood tests all that often, so this range is skewed and based on the average results of all the sick people that have had that test previously. 


This pathology analysis report utilises the OPTIMUM ranges based on research and pathology ranges determined by healthy populations. Your results are then looked at as a whole to determine what factors may be contributing to specific results and the increased risk factors.


This analysis must not be used to diagnose specific conditions or used alone to prescribe nutritional therapies or supplementation. 


It can be used as a guide to ascertain what further investigations may be waranted or whether there are some areas that could be improved to achieve optimum health outcomes.


'I had a blood test and they said everything was fine'. I hear this time and time again. Get a copy of your results and investigate further if you know something isn't quite right! The reference ranges are rarely a good indication of optimum health and I'm yet to see a single blood test that was apparently 'fine', that was indeed fine. Understandably this is the case though given that you're probably at the GP or Naturopath because you aren't feeling great to begin with.


Once you have sent through your patholgy results, within 24 business hours you'll be sent a detailed report detailing which results, if any, were outside of the optimum ranges and what are some of the possible things that this may indicate for your health. This will not be a prescription and should be looked at holistically in conjuction with your symptom picture and medical history if needed to make the best plan going forward.


A detailed pathology analysis is included with initial and follow up appointments, but can be used alone to determine whether you would benefit from making an appointment or whether further testing may be helpful.


If you decide after recieving your report that you would like to book an appointment to invetigate further and make changesto address your health concerns, you can use the code PATHOLOGY at the time of booking to get $20 off the cost of your consultation.

Detailed Pathology Analysis Report