Want to Avoid a Complete Health Blow-Out while on Holiday?

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Without Sacrificing all the Fun of Eating and Drinking of Course!

If you’re someone who goes on a two-week holiday and by the time you’re jumping on the plane or into the car to come back home, there’s only a couple of loose fitting things that you still actually feel comfortable wearing, then this is for you.

I'm hearing ya girl, this used to be a pretty common occurance for hubs and I when we travelled I must admit, but not so much these days. We have a three-week trip to Brazil coming up soon for my brother’s wedding! Eeeek!! So excited! I think my favourite thing about travelling is trying all the local food, so there’s a few things that I definitely keep in mind, just to keep things under control and come home feeling as good as when I left (almost lol!).

Anyone who knows my philosophy on health and healthy eating will know that I’m big on balance and enjoying food guilt free. I’m DEFINITELY NOT about to tell you to avoid drinking, eating carbs or eating out, and that you should buy all your own food from a grocery store and cook for yourself when you travel. I would rather not go on holidays, that sounds like an absolute nightmare to me!

But, you also don’t want to spend 6 months after your holiday trying to reverse the damage!

Here’s my top tips for minimising the likelihood of blowing out when you travel.

1. Have a salad or veggies with every meal

Order things that you enjoy but also have a salad or veggies with your meals. You won’t feel like you’re missing out because you’re still ordering the things that you love, but you’ll be filling yourself up with some veggies first so you’re less likely to overeat. Plus, you’ll be making sure you’re getting in all those micronutrients, enzymes, fibre etc.

2. Keep your snacks simple and healthy

Eat out and enjoy the local foods for meals, but when it comes to snacks, you want to avoid energy dense packaged foods. To avoid getting caught out, just carry something simple like fruit, nuts and seeds in your bag.

3. Drink water

No doubt there’s likely to be a few extra beers, wines or cocktails than normal. But aside from that, drink water. It’ll keep you hydrated, help you avoid jetlag, curb your appetite, help keep you regular which can often be an issue for some when travelling. This is my usual advice anyway, not just for travel, but completely avoid things like soft drinks, energy drinks and juices unless its fresh vegetable juice or a wholefood smoothie.

4. Walk whenever you can!

If your hotel has a gym or you can go for a daily run, that's awesome! But I can’t tell you how many times we’ve packed our trainers and a heap of gym clothes and only ended up training once or twice (maybe) and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on that one.

But at least get in a heap of walking. It doesn’t need to be fast but instead of getting taxis everywhere, get out and about and explore whenever you can (assuming it’s safe, I don’t want you wandering the streets at night in an unfamiliar place just to burn off a few calories!)

5. Make some smart choices when it comes to desserts

It won’t take long to start piling on the kilos if you start having desserts every day , especially if it’s not something you usually do. Let your hair down occassionally but just make some smart choices. Share a dessert so you still get to try some without having too much. Limit it to things that wouldn’t normally be available, like at a special restaurant or some local desserts you want to try. If it’s just a Magnum or Cornetto, you can have one of those anytime if you really want, you don’t need to go all or nothing and have one every day while you’re on holiday!

6. Only eat when you’re hungry

This is actually a big one because sometimes you feel like you need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner no matter what, just because it’s that time of day. It’s often likely you’ll be having bigger meals anyway because you’re eating out or there might be a buffet breakfast at your hotel. If you aren’t hungry at lunch time, don’t eat. If you had a late breakfast and then a late lunch, don’t have dinner if you don’t feel hungry. You don’t want to skip meals and then gorge yourself because you’re starving, but just eat a little more intuitively and pay attention to what your body actually needs.

This doesn’t just apply to holidays but eat to feel good , and not just for the few seconds of pleasure when you’re actually consuming the food. Are you really going to have the best time anyway if you’re bloated, low on energy, getting headaches or in a bad mood because you’re overeating foods that don’t agree with you? You don’t need to diet or binge eat. A few indulgences on holidays won’t do you any harm, but you also need to look at the bigger picture and treat your body and your health as a priority so that you’re able to live your best life.

I’ll keep you updated on whether I manage to take my own advice in September after three weeks in Brazil!! LOL



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