Make Your Own Kombucha at Home

Making your own kombucha is actually really easy when you get the hang of it and it’s a really cost-effective way to consume really high quality kombucha.

I’m going to explain to you the way that I’ve been making my kombucha for the past few years and I find it works really well and it’s a pretty fool proof method. I’m not claiming to be a kombucha making expert and there is more than one way to go about it, but this is just how I do it.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Firstly, you’ll need a scoby and a starter tea.

The scoby is produced when you make the kombucha and it can be discarded or reused after each brew. You can often purchase these from health food stores or if you know someone that makes kombucha they may have a spare they can give you. You can also drop in to Ritual Herb Bar on a Saturday between 9am and 1pm and I’m more than happy to give you one whenever I have them. The kombucha I make is always made with 100% natural, organic ingredients and filtered water.

(This is one of our scoby’s and a starter tea from Ritual Herb Bar)

  • 6 organic black tea bags, try to get unbleached tea bags (remove any paper tags or labels)

  • 1 cup raw sugar

  • 2L Filtered water

  • Paper towel or muslin cloth and an elastic band or string

  • Extra Large glass drink dispenser with a metal spout

(Something like this. You can buy these from places like K Mart and Target)

Here’s How you do it:

  • Make sure that any glasses, the dispenser, spoons and your hands that you are using have been thoroughly cleaned and have been rinsed with boiling water (not antibacterial detergents).

  • Combine 1L of boiled water with 1 cup of raw sugar and 6 tea bags (tags removed).

  • Stir to make sure all the sugar is able to dissolve and allow it to steep until the sugar has dissolved completely and tea has cooled.

  • Remove the tea bags.

  • Pour this tea into a large glass drink dispenser with a metal dispensing spout.

  • Add 1L of room temperature filtered water to this tea mixture.

  • Make sure that the mixture isn’t still warm, then add the scoby and the starter tea it came with.

  • Cover the top of the dispenser with a breathable, clean cloth or a couple of layers of paper towel and secure with string or an elastic band.

That’s it! Now just leave it to brew!

(It will look something like this)

A new scoby will start to form on top of the brew and the sugar will ferment. The longer you leave it, the less sweet it will get and the more beneficial bacteria it will contain.

After a few days when a new scoby has formed, you can dispense kombucha per glass or dispense a whole bottle to keep in the fridge and drink as desired. You will then make a new tea and filtered water mix to add to the top of the brew as it runs low. Eventually you will have several scoby's forming one on top of the other and you can remove them as desired. So long as you have one scoby remaining to continue to keep the brew going.

If you dispense a whole bottle of the kombucha, it’s at that point that you can flavour it.

To do this you will put a few tablespoons of pureed fresh fruit, a shot of coffee, ginger or turmeric, or whatever flavour you like into your kombucha bottle, secure the lid and place in the fridge for a couple of days to infused the flavour and ferment the fruit or whatever you’ve added.

This continuous way of brewing means you can keep the original brew going indefinitely and just keep adding to it and removing scoby’s as needed.

If you ever notice black dots or white mould or anything unusual growing on the scoby, it may have been compromised with some bacteria or dust or something and you’ll need to discard it and start again.

Kombucha is a great way to include beneficial bacteria in your diet, improve gut health and your health in general.

You can drink it as is, add it to your smoothies, use it in salad dressings with some olive oil (especially when it’s been fermenting for a long time it will get quite a vinegary taste), have it with a bit of soda water and ice to make it a bit more fizzy and refreshing, make a kombucha cocktail or mocktail.

Happy Brewing!

I’d love to meet you in person so please drop in to the clinic on a Saturday between 9am and 1pm, no appointment needed. Unfortunately I’m unable to post scoby’s out but you can still book your free 15 minute consult online if you’re unable to make it in person but have some health concerned you’d like to work on.

Belinda x

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