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Chocolate Raspberry Tarts

These are the perfect little healthy treat for Christmas entertaining, or for any time really and they’re jam packed full of nutritious ingredients. They also look way fancier than they actually are so you look super impressive without actually having to go to any effort!

Makes approx. 24 small tarts (depending on the size of the moulds you use)


1 cup raw almonds or cashews

1 cup hemp seeds

10-12 medjool dates

Add the nuts and hemp seeds to the blender and process until you get a chunky crumb-like texture. Add the dates and process until well combined.

You can add more dates if the mixture doesn’t stick together when pressed into the silicon moulds or a few more nuts if it becomes too sticky.

Press a small amount into silicon cupcake moulds and press down so the mixture fills approximately 1/3 of each mould.

Raspberry Layer

1 cup frozen raspberries

4 TB canned coconut milk

4TB coconut oil

Wait until the raspberries are starting to thaw so it’s easier for the mixture to be blended and then poured into the moulds. Blend until completely smooth and fill the moulds slightly about the 2/3 mark so there’s still a little bit of room for the chocolate layer. Place in the freezer until the raspberry layer is firm to touch.

Chocolate Layer

Melt 200g of 70% or higher dark chocolate and pour into the top layer of the moulds, completely covering the raspberry layer. Put back into the freezer until the chocolate is hard and store them there until you’re ready to eat.

They’re best stored in the freezer because it keeps the raspberry layer from melting. You can eat them straight from the freezer and they don’t seem to frozen or ‘icy’, they’re just a delicious, cool little snack.


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